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Kendo: The way of the sword

Kendo is a Japanese martial art, descended from kenjutsu (sword) training for the ancient samurais. In the modern day, we use shinai(s), or bamboo swords to strike target areas of the bogu, or protective armor, and is widely practiced with more than one million followers in Japan as well as many other nations across the world. 

Kendo practice can be an excellent way to build endurance and is a good form of exercise, but the focus is actually less physical and to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (sword).

Saturday Kendo Practice with Kids
Saturday Kendo Practice
Chinen Sensei 5 Dan

Edward Katsumi Chinen
Head Instructor, 5 Dan

About us

Shofukan is an open kendo dojo in the San Diego region and a sister dojo of Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo (Los Angeles), under the Southern California Kendo Federation (SCKF) and All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF). Our organization is a social and not-for-profit sports & martial arts club, and all instructors and assistants are volunteer members of AUSKF.

We also offer a youth, kids, and family oriented kendo instructional program in conjunction with our all-ages open practice. Our philosophy is to be inclusive of all members of the both the kendo as well as the general community. It is also our goal to bring together kendo practitioners from various dojos in the region for a chance to play with and learn from one another regularly. 

Whether you are a beginner looking to enter the sport of kendo, an experienced practitioner looking for more practice opportunities from other SCKF or SCKO dojos, or want to start a special activity as a family, please come and join us. We also offer membership for those currently unaffiliated with AUSKF. See Membership Section to join or for more details.

Shofukan Kendo Practices and Family Activities

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