Open Practice

Our regular practices are open to all active AUSKF members.
Masks are now optional at our dojo/facility to align with AUSKF policy. This may change pending any COVID situations in San Diego.
Non-members, please see information below.

The Shiai Practice/Open Floor is open to active AUSKF members only.
If visiting on a regular basis, any donations to help contribute towards our facility rental expenses would be greatly appreciated..

Non-regular attendees, please download and sign our Release of Liability form and Dojo Rules before attending the open practice.

New students and non-AUSKF:
New and non-AUSKF students will need to sign up for membership with SCKF and Shofukan Kendo Dojo and become our Shofukan Kendo Dojo members before being able to participate in the Open Practice. See Membership section for details. 

We recommend attending one of our practice sessions for a trial before signing up, to gain an understanding of what our practice is like before committing to join. Please contact us in advance of your arrival so that we can make necessary arrangements.

*The head instructor of Shofukan Kendo Dojo will have the right to ask any participants to leave at anytime at his discretion.